Why We’re Different

Traditional electrical distributors will try to sell you on their product line card entirely independent of what you need. If you haven’t figured it out, The Capital Projects Group is anything but traditional. From the time we engage on a project, we understand your goals and work with you to develop a comprehensive electrical solution that focuses on your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and simplifying your project execution.

We Optimize Your Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)

The total cost of getting products delivered to your job site goes beyond the pure price of goods. We help you save money at each stage of the process:

We Simplify Your Project Execution

Simplify project management

We leverage our expertise to provide a total project solution designed to give you better visibility to your projects.

Consolidate information and product inflow

We provide optimal visibility on expediting and inventory status and adapt deliveries to your schedule and inventory constraints.

Anticipate material needs

Working closely with your teams, we optimize our inventory by anticipating long lead time items to ensure orders are placed at the right time to meet your schedule.

Deliver performance and savings

We put our expertise at your service to implement the most competitive sourcing, execution and inventory management solutions

Meet compliance & QA/QC standards

Our priority is your satisfaction in strict compliance with local ethical, governmental and international regulations. For this, we deploy rigorous quality control for our vendor selection.

Focus on safety

Everything else would be meaningless without it. Compliance with local and international safety rules, procedures and HSE standards, is essential. Our staff will go through background checks as per your requirements.

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Electrical Materials Suppliers in USA

We are here to simplify project execution. We provide electrical product sourcing and logistics solutions that help our partners maximize savings and successfully deliver capital projects no matter the size.